Starting out with Experience

Supplying your success means being collaborative in our joint work and meeting the highest standards with our products.

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Our company is based in Radebeul, Germany, just a stone's throw from the place where our founders met for the first time. Aljoscha and Sven were both studying in Dresden when they got to know each other as members of the same tennis club. Since then, they have had a close friendship, which gave rise to the initial ideas and plans for founding the company in 2019. At that time, Felix – a close contact of Sven – also joined the founding team. After many joint meetings and countless hours of preparation, the idea became reality in early 2021 with the founding of AM Extrusion. Now, years of research and laboratory work can be accomplished and next generation filaments can be brought to market.

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Working in academia and industry, Co-Founder and CTO Dr.-Ing. Aljoscha Roch and our team members accumulate decades of experience in the fields of polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy, material processing and heat treatment. In collaboration with our clients we challenge the disadvantages of powder-bed-based AM-technologies and remove a crucial limitation in the success of fused filament fabrication: material availability.

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Helping your additive manufacturing process succeed, for us that means being ambitious in our joint work and meeting the highest standards with our products and services. We are open to new industrial collaborations and are looking forward to new contacts.

Due to its competitive advantages, fused filament fabrication will be the primary 3D printing technology in the industrial realm. That's the vision in front of our mission: to build up fruitful partnerships.

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Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer


He acquired his great technical know-how through activities as research professor in material science, and applied research and development. His work focused on 3D printing processes, solid-state physics, and nano technology. Aljoscha has been working on modifying particle surfaces for more effective incorporation into organic binder systems for printing applications and metal injection molding processes. Later on, Aljoscha worked on sintering processes for metallic and ceramic nanoparticles and concepts for highly filled FFF filaments. Following this passion for 3D Printing and material development he is co-founder and CTO of the company. He is also author and reviewer of scientific articles in renowned journals such as the Journal of Additive Manufacturing or Manufacturing Letters. Aljoscha studied physics at the Technical University of Dresden and received his PhD in engineering in 2012. Additionally, he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focusing on Marketing from Donau-University Krems in Austria.

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Co-Founder and Chief Operating/Financial Officer


Sven plays a key role in the strategic and operational design of the company. Before preparing the foundation of AM Extrusion in 2019, he built his broad knowledge with experience in project controlling and business, structuring of financing, sales, corporate restructuring and development of business models. Since 2016, he has been working for a private equity company as an authorized signatory and investment manager. Sven holds a degree in Economics & Engineering from the HTW Dresden and a Master in Law from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

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Member of Advisory Board and Technical Consultant


Holger has three decades of experience in powder metallurgical manufacturing processes. His expertise in testing and evaluation of powder metallurgical products, process verification and equipment set-up, material and process development, component refinement and a wide network of supplier contacts are just some parts of his know-how.