We offer Innovative Metal and Ceramic Filaments

Exceptional enrichment rates and convenient handling open up new avenues in FFF technology.

#1 → Type 3

Material availability is a high threshold for the industrial use of the otherwise so advantageous fused deposition modelling. With our unique AM-Xcomp binder system, we are able to lower this threshold and to process almost any available metal or ceramic powder into sinterable materials for 3D printing.

Our patent pending AM-X thermoplastic filaments feature unprecedented powder enrichment rates, excellent printing properties and easy applicability at nearly room temperature. Warping issues in the workpieces, high occupational safety standards, the disposal of excess toxic material, and other disadvantages of conventional AM processes are now a thing of the past.

#2 → Type 5
#3 → Type 1

Whether light or hard metal, copper, stainless steel or ceramics: our portfolio of filaments will give new impetus to aerospace, electronics, chemicals, automotive, medical technology and mechanical engineering. Explore our offer via the following material group articles!

#4 → Type 4

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Technical Ceramic

(ZrO2, Al2O3, BaTi03)

Stainless Steel

(316L, 17-4PH, 440C, 304L)

Tool Steel

(M2, H13, 440C)


(on demand)

Hard Metal

(on demand)

Multi Material

(on demand)
#5 → Type 1

If you are missing a material in our portfolio or have special requirements for a filament, you can benefit directly from our know-how by requesting special productions tailored to your environment and specifications. We also manufacture filaments for special requirements such as printing gold or silver, silver-coated copper, to materials with additional performance-enhancing nanoparticles. Our production capacities range from 500 g to several 100 kg.

#6 → Type 7
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Technical Support


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#7 → Type 1

We are constantly developing our processes and expanding our product range. Until a filament is ready for series production, numerous tests and fine-tuning are necessary to ensure applicability in all possible application situations according to the specifications and our claim of unproblematic processing.

In principle, all process steps in our "Cycle of Filamentation", from the composition of the binder to the sintering and analyzing of test prints, are open to special requests and customizations from our customers. Therefore, we offer the following range of customization-services:

The Cycle of 'Filamentation'

#8 → Type 4

We create binders for a wide range of materials and according to customer-specific requirements. The binder can be used for filaments, pellets and pastes as well as the adhesion agent for the binder jetting technique.

We develop customized filaments from any materials with diverse requirements, such as specific diameters, viscosities, etc. We are flexible in the forming of printing materials too: we also supply pellets or rods if your AM system requires it.

With our debinding and sintering service, your green parts are processed into full metal or full ceramic components. Benefit from our proven process and experience in the 'densification' of high-quality components.