We Print Your Visions...

...according to your designs and specifications. Precisely and efficiently.

#1 → Type 6

According to your designs and specifications we produce your prototypes and smaller production volumes. Our specialists work precisely and effectively so that you can hold your vision in your hands soon.

#2 → Type 4


We analyze the data, calculate the costs and set up the printing according your specifications.


The workpieces are produced using the FFF process and the printing is checked for defects.


The workpiece is solidified and, if desired, 3D scanned to match it with the CAD data. 

#3 → Type 6

In addition to the material, you can also specify the contour accuracy (final contour < 100 μm) and the layer height (50-200 μm). Electropolishing (or EC deburring) and sandblasting are available for finishing. Upon request, we will measure the density of the part after shrinkage and compare a full 3D scan with your CAD model for the best match.

#4 → Type 4
#5 → Type 7
! must be placed inside a type-7 area

Customer Service


+49 351 32326512

To use our print service, please call us at +49 351 32326512, write to us or use the contact form. We will advise you and guide you personally through all the commissioning issues.